Today we are delivering our ‘MP Special Edition’ pack of key facts
to another 490 MPs in the Commons

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We need your help

Our ‘MP Special Edition pack consists of the following :-

  • Covering letter - About exiting on 12 April, come what may, or MPs will lose their jobs
  • Factsheet 1 - Why the Customs Union is a disaster for the UK
  • Factsheet 2 - Why the Withdrawal Agreement is a disaster for the UK
  • Factsheet 3 - EU data shows how the Single Market doesn’t work for the UK
  • Factsheet 4 - Why the Irish border is a non-issue and always has been
  • Factsheet 5 - A WTO exit – the only rational solution

You can download it here, all in one PDF document. Here is the PDF.

Now we need your help

In view of the urgency we pressed ahead with printing and all the other costs without having the funding. We have received some kind donations towards the costs, but we currently need an extra £800.

Can you help with a donation towards this?

Best regards, the Facts4EU.Org team

11 Apr 2019

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