Reflections on another betrayal of the people

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Put the champagne back on ice - again

If any readers woke up yesterday, still expecting to celebrate the exiting of the UK from the EU this evening, we would be surprised. Everyone we know was expecting the can to be kicked further down the road. It was.

One of the many remarkable things about the British is our ability to absorb enormous amounts of frustration, and yet still to keep calm. If this sort of fiasco had been experienced by the peoples of many EU27 countries, we suspect that the consequent street riots would make the three months of Gilets Jaunes protests in Paris and other French cities look like a picnic on the banks of the Seine.

When will the gasket blow?

Despite the British people’s reputation for calm, we wonder how long it will be before matters become more heated. We have already seen increasing calls for action by ordinary people. Some suggestions have been illegal, others have been inventive and perfectly lawful.

The Brexit Facts4EU.Org team cannot of course endorse any action which is - or borders on being - illegal. Indeed we believe that any such action might only hurt the Brexit cause.

It can also be argued that legal forms of protest which inconvenience other people would be detrimental. For example, the suggestion that people fill trolleys in supermarkets and then just abandon them, or that millions of people go for a totally unnecessary drive during rush hour. These actions might conceivably make the news, but they will hardly endear Brexit to the people inconvenienced by them.

Who do we want to wake up?

Putting aside the EU - and believe us we wish we could - it is MPs who are at the heart of this mess. Be they ministers or backbenchers, the majority of them are culpable. They are the ones who should be ‘inconvenienced’.

If we want Brexit, we have to stop these MPs from acting anti-democratically.

Imagine if we were to produce a list of MPs who have effectively thwarted Brexit?

This would be a very long list. In fact it would be easier to publish a list of MPs who have been sound on delivering the result of the Referendum, rather than those who have voted to wreck it. The sound ones would now comprise a very short list.

We have a spreadsheet. It’s a massive spreadsheet. It has every MP’s name on there, how they voted on each key motion, how their constituency voted in the Referendum, etc.

How would you divide up the MPs?

1. The first category is relatively easy – Rock-solid Brexiteers who would rather put up with Guy Verhofstadt as a lodger than vote for Mrs May’s surrender treaty. In this category would be people like Sir John Redwood, Owen Paterson, Steve Baker, Anne Marie Morris, Andrea Jenkyns, David Jones, Kate Hoey, Graham Stringer, Sir William Cash, and others.

2. Then it starts to get more difficult - maybe we could call them 'Wet Brexiteers'. There is a range of MPs whose heart might be in the right place, but who nevertheless caved in because they felt Brexit would be lost. This list includes people like Jacob Rees-Mogg.

3. Then we get to a Real Mixed Bag – the MPs who sometimes voted for this, sometimes for that, and who leave us wondering what on earth they truly believe in. Many could be persuaded to do what's right.

4. The fourth category might be called Central Remainers – MPs who campaigned and voted for Remain, and who want to stop Brexit but are too dishonest to come out and say so. These may be vulnerable to persuasion - especially those from Leave-voting constituencies.

5. Finally we have the Untouchables – those MPs who are arch-Remainers. These people are beyond help. It wouldn’t matter if unelected President Tusk announced that all first-borns should be brought to the continent for ‘EU inclusiveness training’. These MPs would continue to think that the sun shone out of the back entrance to Herr Juncker’s luxury apartment. (That was a euphemism, by the way.)

In this final category are people like Kenneth Clarke, Dominic Grieve, Anna Soubry, Amber Rudd, Sarah Wollaston, Yvette Cooper, Sir Oliver Letwin, Sir Keir Starmer, Sir Vince Cable, Tom Brake, Caroline Lucas, Liz Saville-Roberts, and the entire SNP.

What needs to be done?

Regular readers will be bored of our exhortations on this subject by now.

We continue to believe that the major problem is a 75% Remainer House of Commons versus democracy and the result of the Referendum. In shorthand: ‘MPs versus the People’.

We also believe that the one thing which can grab the attention of MPs is the prospect of losing their jobs. We will write more on this over the weekend.


We welcome your thoughts, dear reader. Would you like us to attempt to produce a list of MPs in categories of ‘Remoanerishness’?

Would you like us to produce a new campaign, or would you simply prefer that we focus on research and publishing facts about the UK’s membership of the EU? Or a combination?

Please bear in mind that we are massively underfunded and can't do all we would wish to do. Please also bear in mind that we have many thousands of readers, most of whom use our contact form rather than posting comments.

Let us know below or by using our contact form.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Fri 12 Apr 2019 - 'Brexit Day No.2'

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